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WashPo Ponders Ways to Punish Republicans for… Voting Republican

Democrat Bullies

Keep an eye open and an ear to the ground for this narrative to rear its silly head among New Hampshire’s Liberal Elite. The Democracy Dies in Darkness folks have an article that ponders a problem for which Democrat Socialists trapped in our Constitutional Republic have long sought a solution.

How do we punish people who support or vote for Republicans?

We’ve seen some of this in action. Throw things, break things, harass, and call them names. Shadowban them, deplatform them, attack their family, employers, donors, or advertisers. Run them out of public places.

WashPo doesn’t openly advocate that but instead suggests expanding an existing tactic without naming it.

Use the annual ruin Thanksgiving tactics all year long. 

Too often, we see supposed moderate Republicans, most of whom really voted for Trump, throw up their hands in the face of Trump’s excesses, and evade suggestions that they should take a lead role in resisting Trump, including at the ballot box.

We should challenge such duplicity early and often. I’d go so far as to say we should call out our otherwise pleasant relatives who support odious candidates. Have an aunt who voted for Steve King? Let her know that she enables white supremacy. After all, if voters have great power — which they do, at least on paper — it follows they should also share at least some responsibility for what those they elect do.

The author sets up a straw man as low-hanging fruit then prompts the already irascible and irritating mob to pick it. As if Democrats actually needed the nudge.

There Can Only Be One

Let’s remember that everything the Left does as one goal. Accumulate state power which they will presumably wield. The entrenched deep state tells us that would probably be the case. So, look at this pull quote from earlier in the same article.

But missing in both Athens democracy and our democracy today, is the question of how to hold regular citizens more accountable for their electoral decisions, too. Formal, legal accountability is out of the question, but is moral accountability too much to ask?

What’s missing is that we don’t live in a Democracy. And that matters. If we did, the Mob would have held citizens accountable on legal grounds based entirely on a slim majority’s idea of morality. A thing the founders feared because it leads to the result at which this conversation is meant to arrive

A tyrannical place without free speech, or religious liberty, or rights of conscience. Property rights are gone as are, most certainly, any right to self-defense. And trial by jury is little more than a formal extension of mob politics.

That is no exaggeration, that is their goal.


WaPo’s “thought experiment” is a nostrum. A dream sequence in the trailer to a movie that ends with Democrats having undisputed control of the government (and everything else) because moderate voters have been bullied into staying home or voting for far-left Democrats out of fear or doing anything else.

It’s not a new tac. New Hampshire Democrat State Party Chair Ray Buckley publicly pre-labeled a vast chunk of unaffiliated New Hampshire voters as White supremacists if they talked to someone from the GOP.

Sound familiar? That was in September, of 2017.

As November 2020 approaches do not be surprised if you hear it more often. But you don’t have to take it. Nor should you. In fact, if you find this tactic deployed anywhere in the state we want to hear about it.

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