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Quick Thought: I Would Have Just Fired Them If It Was My Company

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You are paid to work and not do the “Tyranny of the Micro-Minority” faux outrage with me! Is it just me or are others of you getting really sick of these people demanding you pay attention to THEM all the time? Just shut up and do your jobs – you know, like the rest of us have to.

The author of this PJ Media piece was right to use the word “petulant” in describing the Netflix faux outrage children that are quitting their jobs there (reformatted, emphasis mine):

Netflix Transgender Employees Walking Out to Protest Dave Chappelle Special

Irate that their employer did not cater to their petulant demands, Netflix’s “transgender employee resource group” will walk off the job — or out of their home offices — Wednesday morning. This, of course, follows the release of comedian Dave Chappelle’s latest special, which a small cabal left-wing activists have slammed as “harmful” to the transgender community.

Acting as if they’re involved in the civil rights fight of our time, the group of employees — and apparently some Netflix “stars” no one knows — will present co-CEO and Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos a venerable list of demands, including an “increase[d] investment in trans and non-binary content,” the implementation of a “disclaimer before transphobic titles that specifically flag transphobic language, misogyny, homophobia, and hate speech,” and the creation of “a new fund to specifically develop trans and non-binary talent.”

Self-absorbed, self-righteous, self-indignant incompetents have decided that THEY run the company. Who do they think they are, the New York Times underlings that actually pulled this off and got their “senior staff” kicked to the curb because they weren’t woke enough? And the even higher-ups were scared that they would be next if they didn’t accede to the SJW militants?

Unlike the NYT tremblers, it seems that the NetFlix upper management understands who is paying the bill and it ain’t these “thin-skinned” tiny percentage of the US population:

According to the Williams Institute, 1.4 million adults identify as transgender in the United States. About 0.7% of adults 18-24 identify as transgender, and 0.5% of adults 65 and older identify as transgender.  NH: 0.33%

Yet, they believe that 99.67% of the rest of us should turn our lives upside down simply to patronize their dysphoria and well being. And Netflix has about 10,000 employees so if the above percentage is reasonably close, there are about 70 people working there with gender dysphoria.  I bet more are out sick every day than that just based on a statistical guess.

Hey, if you want to outsource your emotions and sense of well-being, you’re making a big mistake, buddy. Doing that with EVERYONE is nothing but an on-ramp to eternal misery.

Otherwise, either quit or get back to work.