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Mob Mentality in America

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be ashamed.

Last night, a mob aggressively harassed multiple members of the GOP, as they were leaving the RNC event in Washington, DC.

One such act was committed against Hillsborough County GOP Chair, Chris Ager.  He and another delegate innocently exited the venue, not aware that a mob was waiting for them – supposedly looking for anyone “white” and respectable leaving the event.  The mob got in their faces, intimidated them, recording their every step, and proceeded to follow them to the parking garage where they made their hasty exit.

Kudos to Chris for not reacting, giving these bottom-feeders exactly what they wanted.  A former military officer, I can only imagine what Chris wanted to do but could not.

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Unfortunately, Ager was outnumbered and defenseless (as we know, DC is a gun-free zone) and this could have quite easily turned into a bloody assault.  In fact, that’s where I believe this is all heading.

(more video here of this harassment – language alert)

On the other side of the building, US Senator Rand Paul and his wife were also being harassed.  Their situation got a bit more hairy, as rioters pushed police into a near scuffle.  Like the Agers, the Pauls and their companions (with a heavy police escort) made their way through the gauntlet of trash without reacting, showing complete restraint.

This is no longer a protest about racism and equality.  This is hardcore social activism.  Expressed rage.

This is about societal misfits who either don’t work (or who lost their job due to COVID), taking advantage of momentum, after another police shooting, to push a societal coup.  In fact, I would suspect that most of the mob are taking advantage of some form of social welfare – the kind paid for by the Agers, you and me.  And, as we saw in Kenosha the other night, some of the active rioters are also criminals (more here).

Too often, we hear the cry to “reform” police departments or for white people to “see the injustice of racism”.   Fine, most people I know don’t agree with or practice racism and don’t agree with police brutality.  Most people ACTUALLY agree with the premise being argued!

But I can tell you that this is not how you go about making your point.  This behavior, this tactic, is only going to anger the silent majority to the point where pushback is necessary and violent clashes begin to take place (like they did in Kenosha, Wisconsin the other night).

Overt harassment, lashing out, acting “nasty”, belligerent and violent is guaranteed to backfire in America.  Badly.

And the coming election in November will prove me right.

If only these SJW’s were wise enough to take the path laid out by MLK Jr., who advocated for a non-violent, truly peaceful approach.  MLK’s tactics yielded enormous success in a very short period of time, until he was tragically gunned down.  He set the stage for decades of growth of his message and for the virtual normalization of race relations in America.

If only a new figure could rise up, playing the role of a 21st century MLK.  If only desperate Leftists around the country would quit their tacit approval and justification of this chaos.

But now, sadly, today’s leaderless generation is fueled by misguided anger and rage, manipulated by the media and their political overlords, often looking for social media notoriety and attention.  Rather than searching for true growth, understanding and brotherhood, they are throwing everything into the fire, setting us down the ugly, bloody path.