The Other Election Question that Really Matters - "Who do you think can stand up to the mob?" - Granite Grok

The Other Election Question that Really Matters – “Who do you think can stand up to the mob?”

jim jordan

As we creep inexorably toward a November reckoning, I’ve been working what I thought was a critical narrative. The economy. Who can fix it? We know Biden can’t, and we know Trump can. But, Rep. Jim Jordan has eloquently defined the other critical question for November.

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“The fundamental question, I think, for the American people is who do you think can stand up to the mob? Joe Biden or President Trump? That is really what this election now in my mind all boils down to,” Jordan said.

“Where does it end? Where does it stop? No one is safe with the mob and that’s why it is so important that we stand up now before this gets even more out of control. Stand up and say it is wrong, it should not happen, this politically correct cancel culture left-wing mob is exactly wrong for this country and this election is when we can stand up and say ‘we’re not going to tolerate it.’”

I do think the economy is the question at every level of this election. Who has a record of governing or leading a robust economic recovery? Republicans. 

If a Democrats says, well, we need to do this or that or spend more here or there, the response is how? The government needs revenue to do anything. The government idles or stalled that engine for months. Until we reenergize the driver of revenue, there is no money to do anything. Our entire focus must be to streamline or stall out portions of the government until our golden goose is back on its feet.

Democrats are talking about more spending and raising taxes, which will do the opposite of what we need. Millions, Billions, or Trillions, in hand-outs and bailouts, are fiscal vapor-ware. We’re adding another stone on the chests of our kids and grandkids selling their lives into a lifetime of financial slavery to the state. 

We are making that already immense burden significantly worse. 

Republicans will cut or hold back taxes, and peel back or temporarily suspend regulations that stifle growth. They will say things like, we asked businesses and employers to take a back seat, and now it’s the government’s turn.

There is no issue at this point that can’t be pointed to and said, hey, maybe that is a great idea, and many we should have that conversation, but now is not the time. Getting the economy rebooted is job one, and until that happens, we need to set these wish lists aside. 

That’s the right hook. The left hook comes cleanly around what Rep. Jordan is saying. Not only are Republicans, lead by Trump, the only party with a proven record of getting an economy churning along in short order, they are also the only party who will not only not coddle these destructive mobs, they’ll stand up to them and stop this chaos.


Here’s the video pulled from Rep. Jordan’s Twitter Feed. ( 55 sec.)