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Hillary Clinton: No Peace Unless We Win

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If you were still searching your soul for a reason to vote Republican this November, Hillary Clinton has come to your rescue. The perennial sore loser spoke truth to the Democrats obsession with power the other day when she reminded us who they were. Violent thugs who won’t stop until they get their way.

Hillary promises more chaos

I’ll give Madam Not-The President the same two words I give everyone else.

Bring it.

And two more words. Thank You.

Free societies need a middle class. The Middle class needs assurances that what it creates for itself it can keep and that there will be laws that will be followed to protect them from injustice. They also want peace and order.

The Kavanaugh hearings showed us that Democrats would do anything to get their way. Secretary Clinton reminds us that Democrats will do anything to get their way until they get their way. We have seen what this means. Black Lives Matters, Antifa, suppression of speech, intimidation tactics. Mob justice.

Note to Ms. Clinton. Promising more of that will get you fewer Democrats in elected office. But keep selling it.

One more piece of advice. Please run for President again in 2020 and collude with the party to fix the primary so that you are the nominee. The country needs Democrat candidates incapable of winning the Presidency. A task for which you are eminently qualified.

H/T Rick Olson for the tweet.