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Major Retailers Walk Back Mask Mandates They Just Put in Place

Mask wearing is not something that should be mandated. We’ve said that from early on, you decide what works for you, your circumstances. But the pressure (professional and Political) reached a head and over a matter of days, as major retailers announced mask mandates in their stores. Now, they are walking them back.

Big Brother 1984 Mask Coronavirus

Maskachusetts Health Officials Approve Permanent Mask Mandate

The Massachusetts Maskachusetts Public Health Department has voted to approve a permanent mask mandate for the Bay State. Talk about living up to your nickname. The only thing standing between residents and a forever requirement – for the good of public health – is a July 24th Public hearing.


Wal-Mart is Making Masks Mandatory

If you live somewhere that doesn’t mandate masks, we’ll call it a place with smart people who let adults make decisions, this will still impact you if you shop at Wal-Mart. The retailer has announced its own mask mandate beginning next Monday.