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Floating Wind farm

Harvard: Wind Turbines Warm the Planet

It’s no secret – at least around here – that wind power is an incredibly dirty energy source. The meager output and life expectancy can’t begin to abate the destruction required to make and dispose of them. They kill birds, bats, and now, according to Harvard, they warm the planet.

RNC video Power Screen grab Tyranny has many forms

Democrats Only Want Power (video)

The RNC has been doing a great job setting the tone under Trump instead of just reacting to Democrats. They are also doing good air-cover in general. This latest video makes the case that for Democrats, It’s All About Power.

The #YellowNewDeal

Once upon a time, public schools were largely a response to two constraints: scarcity of educational resources, and difficulty of travel.  But those constraints are no longer as significant as they once were. In particular, travel has become easy enough that many people think nothing of driving 30 miles to go out to dinner.  A …

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