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Court Rules London Airport Can’t Add a Third Runway, ‘Cuz Paris Climate Accord

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If you are indifferent to the goals of the Greens, you are in for a rude awakening. The American Left’s Green New Deal (GND) really would have a catastrophic effect on our incomes and lifestyles. Don’t believe me? Exhibit One: a UK court just blocked a runway project at Heathrow Airport in London.

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The Paris Climate Accord, to which England is a signatory, places limits, according to the court, on transportation infrastructure that jeopardizes achieving promised emissions reduction targets. Let’s call it GND super lite.

Lords Justice Lindblom, Singh and Haddon-Cave said the government failed to take account of its commitment to the Paris Agreement on climate change when setting out its support for the airport expansion in its National Policy Statement (NPS).

The UN’s Paris Agreement, which came into force in November 2016, commits signatories to tackling climate change by taking measures to limit global warming to well below 2C.

Let’s ignore the fact that full global compliance with Paris wouldn’t even come close to the targets, if, in fact, you even believe government interventions into the emissions of a non-greenhouse gas could do anything but inconvenience people. Surprise! People will be inconvenienced.

A Third runway could help London expand its (already existing) appeal as a global hub for business, travel, tourism, the supply chain, and industry (excluding cutlery of course). That growth creates jobs, keeps people out of poverty, and puts more meat on the corpulent ass of government in the form of tax revenue. Sorry, we’ll have none of that (and yes, I am writing this with an English accent).

Your new runway is illegal. Illegal!

The mayor of London Sadiq “no knives” Khan was ecstatic. But all he did was redirect global growth somewhere else. Someplace less #woke (see also less stupid). 

Exhibit Two

Speaking of Stupid, back in Wild West Cowboy America, a report has resurfaced (you can drop the accent, by the way) itemizing the cost of the Lefts Green New Deal (GND) to residents in US swing states

We conclude that among the 11 states analyzed, the GND would cost a typical household a minimum of $74,287 in the first year of implementation. Among 10 of the states, excluding Alaska at $84,584, the average household burden of the GND in its first year is $75,168. For the subsequent four years, the average annual costs per household for 10 of the 11 states is $47,755, decreasing to $40,706 for ever after.

That’s before free college, free healthcare, and maybe even free hot pockets (Haahht Pockets!). But free isn’t what it used to be and the GND will not only set us back more than 100 years in transportation advances, we’re also giving up reliable heat and light and AC and passenger cars, air travel, vacations, rural living,  and none of this “giving up” is not cheap.

Here in New Hampshire the first year per-family costs of transitioning are 120% of the national average income. Year two eats up 75% of the average annual income. And year three would dispose of 62%. That’s without calculating the GND’s impact on an average income. A majority of Americans will lose jobs as entire industries collapse. The cost of doing business will rise so much as to wipe out plenty of other jobs as well.

Which explains why its creator said it was designed to redesign the economy, not affect the environment. It can’t be without completely changing the economy. From free market to centrally planned. But the left continues to peddle the lie that this is about saving the planet.

Saving it from liberty and prosperity, but not much else.

Chart from Competitive Enterprise Institute/Power the Future analyzing costs of the Green New Deal in 11 states.

Screen-Shot-GND costs in 11 swing states

Yes, they will lie and say these numbers are not realistic but all you have to do is find the Democrat Presidential Candidates plans and you’ll discover the tens of trillions needed for each one. IN the case of the DNG you’re giving up almost all your income for less than you had before they took it.

That sounds like socialism to me.

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