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Democrat’s Green New Deal Destroyed in Under Three Minutes

AOC Green New Deall

We all know that the Green New Deal is an economic plan to advance socialism and has nothing to do with greening the planet. But let’s be like Democrat leaders and members of Congress and play make-believe. Let’s pretend it is about saving the earth.

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If you can’t get your brain to be that dumb without a serious self-inflicted head would we understand. We don’t want anyone to get hurt. You can still participate without making yourself that stupid. Don’t pretend to be a dumbocrat.

You can enjoy this without pretending. Because if the GND is about saving the biosphere, this short video, on just one feature of the “Deal” describes just how impossible, unworkable, and unrealistic it is unless you are a fanatic leftist or have suffered a serious head injury (where and when these might be different).

Teaser: “The Green New Deal trip costs five times as much and takes fifty times longer…”

Remember: Many Democrat candidates for president and members of congress are committed to this.

Watch! (2 min 44 sec and worth every bit of it).