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Money, Disasters and More Money

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Here is something to consider. Rep. Brian Mast (R) on the House Foreign Affairs Committee made a very strong case saying Biden should be removed, and charged with Treason. He offered three primary crimes:

1) 10 thousand counts of reckless endangerment.
2)  Phone call to Afghanistan President telling him to say things were going as planned, “true or not.” Biden was more concerned with appearances than truth. (So what’s news there.)
3) Manipulation of intelligence, giving aid and comfort to the enemy.  (Treason by constitutional definition.)

Between one and two hundred Americans (many suggest numbers are considerably higher) are still being held hostage by the Taliban. These Islamic terrorists commonly take hostages to exhort concessions from Western governments and even when some concessions are given often then they demand more.

Our State Department says they “Have no resources to rescue the trapped flights in Afghanistan.” How in our wildest imaginations could we even imagine a Trump State Dept. making such a statement? Adding insult to injury the Biden State Dept. is blocking even private flights from evacuating Americans. If all this isn’t treason Webster changed the definition.


Mr. Biden went down to storm-ravaged Louisiana. His caravan was passing a group of utility workers who saw him coming. Their reaction? They all turned their backs to him. At one town hit hard, Mr. Biden was doing a walking tour while residents, some from their own yards, cursed and hackled him. Later he commented those people didn’t live there and they didn’t understand global warming was at fault (After all the south has never been hit by terrible hurricanes before this I guess.)


On another front, our financial  Armageddon is looming. Irreparable damage to the nation unless we raise the debt ceiling before next month when we’ll run out of cash.  So how is that different from every other Leftist administration in charge? They never ever see the most obvious solution: stop spending! They have a pending multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure bill that is full of pork in order to payoff campaign big donors. If examined, you’d find that only a small percentage is actually for infrastructure.


And say, how about that other multi-trillion boondoggle: The Green New Deal? Before they bankrupt this nation, try making all those big polluting nations exempt from the Paris Accords. How about shearing that first? Half or more of the signing nations only signed because they were given exemptions for years or decades to implement them. Many are looking for the “bribes”..The question is whether they can be trusted to keep their promises is very much alive and well.

Bottom line, there is never ever enough money for these Leftists to waste on foolishness and payoffs.