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Destroying The Future Of America

Image Credit: Mattox Firearms school.comDemocrats continue to insist that they created jobs.  To do this they extracted trillions from our economic future in an effort to create jobs that did not yet exist–that perhaps were  not needed yet.  Looking at similar exercises, cash for clunkers–which moved car sales forward a few months but has since resulted in a collapse in the market; the home mortgage bail outs, supports, credits, and the "home affordable" programs which improved home sales briefly but which have since collapsed (also to historic lows); and then there’s the stimulus, several public sector employee bailouts, bank lending infusions, small business bills, and everything in between including health care reform–many trillions spent, all made with claims that they would create, save, or incentivize job creation.

Lets concede the possibility that some jobs were saved or created with money from the future.  Let’s also, for academic purposes,  concede the number of 1.4 million-3.3 million jobs saved or created ( quote from Paul Hodes campaign if that matters).  What happens now?  Even if we can agree to these figures the mathematical reality is that despite these efforts, and at great expense, we still lost more jobs than we saved or created.  Millions are still unemployed with hundreds of thousands more people working less, working shorter hours, or who have given up looking altogether just in the 12 months since someone declared the recession over.  We got a net sum loss with the price of admission, and that debt is now looming over our ability to sustain or improve the job picture moving forward because of the Faustian fiscal political calculation the democrats made in what now appears to be a series of vote getting scams gone horribly wrong.

With unemployment trapped at close to 10%, what we have been told could be the new normal, it is a battle we are losing.

Standing in the way of future growth is uncertainty.  Obamacare, which despite its good intentions is so flawed that it may be as destructive to growth and stability as anything ever conceived by the legislative hand of man.  We also have looming tax hikes which regardless of the class warfare debate about who should pay and why, will reduce federal revenues by driving private investment away from our shores by the hundreds of billions if not trillions, and keep new investment from even looking our way–all job killers.  And nothing the democrats have on the table solves any of the problems we face.

This administration and the democrat party have worked, intentionally or otherwise, to destroy the ability of almost every sector to create jobs with bad health care policy, bad infrastructure policy, bad economic policy, bad foreign policy, bad immigration policy, bad security policy, and bad energy policy, which only serve to magnify uncertainty with threats of massive increases to the cost of doing business with the burden of bureaucratic strings attached to loans and credits which make everything more difficult,  more expensive, and less efficient.  Even the rule of law is now uncertain as democrats and Obama have made it clear that rights are what they make of them, including those of voters, investors, individuals, even sovereign states.

Then there are the trillions in future debt which must be paid by the taxpayers and businesses of our nation. The government cannot  pay it, they can only create more of it.  Even without the growing uncertainty we are mired in, this outstanding debit is a huge weight on the nation, one that is evident in the stagnation in job growth which continues in the face of a policy to take jobs from the future to create them now when we have no use for them– a policy that has seen tepid results at best.

So created or not the future we face under democrat rule is a downward spiral where the jobs we already tried to pay for, with money from the future, will suffer from the economic realities that now face auto and home sales, with one more serious fault. Without commerce or income to tax, the debt will outpace the ability of the shrinking engine of America to pay for it.  It is a problem we cannot escape with platitudes and promises.  We are on a collision course with bankruptcy and default which the current majority and president still insist we can fix with more money we do not have.  This has created a problem far worse than lagging car sales or an overabundance of housing inventory.   It impacts the very ability of a family to sustain even a moderate lifestyle by its own means–a problem that then becomes another debit to the national balance sheet while they become incapable of supporting any other business sector becasue they have been demoted to the underclass, a station from which advancement is only attained with additional tax dollars as increased welfare that just suck us further down the same hole.

What we have is a spiraling default on the American way of life, perpetrated by democrats, who are either doing it on purpose, or are so insanely incompetent  that their continued control of the nation is a domestic threat beyond any we have ever faced.

The liberals fingerprints are all over the gun that shot the American Dream. They have emptied her pockets and left her lying on a cold dark street corner.  And as they slowly drain her blood, our blood and that of our children and grandchildren (as a price for what they have wrought), they coyly smile as if they had nothing at all to do with it.

But they did.  They created the uncertainty.  They chewed away at the protections to property and contracts and the rule of law.  They mandated–they and they alone–a future economic environment on whose playing field no on dares set foot.  So no matter who started it, the democrats have ended it; their policies, their  ever changing "rules," make it impossible to trust what government might do, what it might next disallow, or how much it will cost to play on our field.

It doesn’t matter how many jobs they say they created.  They have burned the crops and salted the fields to do it, and now nothing will grow here as long as they remain in power.