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What if Biden Wins the Presidency

What if Biden Wins the Presidency?

What happens if Biden wins the presidency? Let’s think about the situation. For the first 3 years of Trump’s presidency, the stock market was rising and the economy was growing.  This masks many of the factors driving a sense of hopelessness in the country. Many Americans and the nation itself have unpayable debt.


Data Point – Economy surging

Reformatted: Retail sales skyrocketing by 18% in May as states began to reopen their economies. Economists projected that retail sales would increase 5.2% for June. Retail sales increased 7.5% in June, the U.S. Census Bureau reported on Thursday. retail and food services sales for June were $524.3 billion, which is not only a 7.5% increase …

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The Sublime Versus the Ridiculous

The Sublime Versus the Ridiculous In DC

There is a policy battle in D.C. between the sublime versus the ridiculous. House Speaker Pelosi has come forward with a $3 TRILLION HEROES Act stimulus plan. Under her plan, most people would make more money by quitting work and staying home than by working.


The US Economy Recovered 4.8 Million Jobs in June

June saw another record jump in employment, which is good news. But it is good news the same way that opening a dam lets the water take its natural course. The increase is a result of the government getting out of the way and the economy doing what it has wanted to do for months.