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Sister Mary LaHood – No Talking in Cars

(Originally posted Oct 11th, 2010 – Seem relevant to re-post this given that NH HB 1117 went to executive session yesterday.) Bloomberg reports that Transportation nanny Ray ‘Sister Mary’ LaHood believes that all cell phone use in motor-vehicles, including hands free, are distracting.  Well, no kidding Mr. Einstein.   Prior to the invention of the cell …

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A Question for NH Democrats & Unions…

Is this the NH Democrat parties postion as well, and that of the state union, SEA, SEIU, Teamsters and others who are insisting that New Hampshire workers have no right to opt out of paying union dues just to get a job? Does the Federal government have the right to close a business or a facility in our state, and force those workers out of their employment, simply becasue they are either not unionized or have voted to de-certify the union, as is the case in South Carolina?

Global Meltdown Killing the Banks? No Problem – Let’s Sue Them!!

Cross posted my rant on Yahoo!, after I tripped over THIS nugget: Feds sue big banks over sales of risky investments Nice! Obama’s wrecking ball strikes the economy, yet again. How do I know this is all a crock? First, the Carter-Era Community Re-investment act, successively amped up by both Clinton and Bush 2, which …

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Ray Buckley and his faux Mea Culpa

“Hypocrisy is great fodder for comedy.” ~Mo Rocca  The New Hampshire Democratic Party agreed to pony up  a $5,000 fine upon a finding of the Attorney General that the Democrats violated state law regarding its delivery of pre-recorded political message to 394 homes, presumably Republican, in House Speaker Bill O’Brien’s district on the eve of …

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Would You Suck Twice as Hard for Half as Much?

This particualr faerie story center around three graphs from the Government Printing Office (GPO). Not the fed, the treasury, or even some fruit-loop left wing think tank, but the GPO. The GPO prints stuff, and answers to the Executive branch. So right out of the toy-box we have to question these partisan stills, presented as they are in a partisan manner, bearing guestimated facts and assumptions, with no basis in reality

How Much Is Enough? (And Other Problems With Left Wing Policy)

Taxation is a legalized theft with no limit; Ask Mark Fernald, the current titular class-warfare mouthpiece of the left in New Hampshire, how much property he needs the state to confiscate to end the class warfare he wages? What are the terms of peace Mark, or are they terms of surrender? Every month you go on and on with your class warfare but tell us, how long and how much? At what point is government large enough to solve all the problems you imagine it must confront?