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Announcement -“Acting outside of the New Hampshire Constitution”

PUBLIC NOTICE Trespass Warning To all those who claim to be current or any former public officials Acting outside of the New Hampshire Constitution To all Forms of the former Government of the “state” of New Hampshire: You are hereby Noticed as of January 1, 2021. The people of the State of New Hampshire, who …

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Milton Friedman - Freedom and equality

The Radical Egalitarians And Their Rival Constitution

The U.S. Constitution, the one the founders wrote, holds that all men are created equal. We are endowed by our “nature and nature’s God” with unalienable rights. Those rights precede government. Further, the purpose of the state is to protect those rights and to treat all citizens equally.

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Masks vs Rights: The Constitution SHOULD Win, But…

I should never get into political discussions with co-workers, but…We started by discussing the communicability of the COVID-19 virus and whether masks were effective (he believes everyone should wear one – I believe that only those who are sick should wear a mask at all).

Shutdown Intelligence Agencies

The NSA Has Violated Our Rights … It’s Official

After exposure by former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden, it took seven years. But last week a federal appeals court ruling came down. It says the Obama-Era NSA’s bulk collection of phone metadata was both illegal and unnecessary.

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DISQUS Doodlings – Yes, Taxes Can Be Totalitarian

To me, taxes should be levied but only at levels necessary for as limited a government that we can get away with, and no more government than that. Just enough to keep an ordered society.