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Masks vs Rights: The Constitution SHOULD Win, But…

I should never get into political discussions with co-workers, but…We started by discussing the communicability of the COVID-19 virus and whether masks were effective (he believes everyone should wear one – I believe that only those who are sick should wear a mask at all).

Shutdown Intelligence Agencies

The NSA Has Violated Our Rights … It’s Official

After exposure by former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden, it took seven years. But last week a federal appeals court ruling came down. It says the Obama-Era NSA’s bulk collection of phone metadata was both illegal and unnecessary.

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DISQUS Doodlings – Yes, Taxes Can Be Totalitarian

To me, taxes should be levied but only at levels necessary for as limited a government that we can get away with, and no more government than that. Just enough to keep an ordered society.

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DISQUS Doodlings – Toilet Tyrannies, Socialist Shower Heads, and what else did I forget?

Sometimes I get a little pat on the back from one of the “managerial Elite” over at Treehugger. I’m generally the guy that is orthogonal to most of the folks there. Like Bruce Currie is here but with one big exception – I don’t disparage the information that is brought up and I don’t call …

DISQUS Doodlings – Toilet Tyrannies, Socialist Shower Heads, and what else did I forget? Read More »


DISQUS Doodlings – “Water is a Human Right?”

Just so many topics covered here in the TreeHugger post “Good News for the Rich: Their Fancy Showers Can Waste More Water“. Just another reminder that the “world’s largest site for sustainability issues” is rapidly dropping the “sustainability” mask and replacing it with the Eco-Socialist (heavy emphasis on the Socialist bit) mask.