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Gun Confiscation

What the Impeachment Charade Was Really All About

Why is it Leftists tell each other they need surveillance, isolation and censorship of people like me? Yes, we are people who vote for candidates who run in opposition to Party rule. Let me posit to you: it is not we that are the danger; it is thee.


Announcement -“Acting outside of the New Hampshire Constitution”

PUBLIC NOTICE Trespass Warning To all those who claim to be current or any former public officials Acting outside of the New Hampshire Constitution To all Forms of the former Government of the “state” of New Hampshire: You are hereby Noticed as of January 1, 2021. The people of the State of New Hampshire, who …

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Milton Friedman - Freedom and equality

The Radical Egalitarians And Their Rival Constitution

The U.S. Constitution, the one the founders wrote, holds that all men are created equal. We are endowed by our “nature and nature’s God” with unalienable rights. Those rights precede government. Further, the purpose of the state is to protect those rights and to treat all citizens equally.