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Joe Biden wink

A President Biden Will Hold States Hostage

The Government uses the flu to shutter businesses, limit hours, and put people under house arrest. It then crafts massive bailout packages to “help” the people it harms. This relief is loaded with payoffs and bucket list items, and Biden is eyeing future bailouts as a way to advance his climate agenda.

Israel Flag

Israel Is Unique in the History of Socialism

Israel is unique in the history of socialism. It is the only nation where socialism was considered successful for a while. The original settlers of Israel came largely from Eastern Europe. They sought to create an economy in which market forces were controlled for the benefit of the whole society.

V Shaped Recovery

Data Point – It is a V shaped recovery! CNN calls it “incomplete”

CNN just WISHES that the Biden-Obama years long recovery had looked like that. Of COURSE it’s “incomplete” but of COURSE, it’s like a rocket at liftoff (at least right now). What else would you think that the Never-Trumpers at CNN would say? Frankly, I am astounded that it is rising as fast as it is, …

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Intervention From the Heavens

Intervention From the Heavens

Just when the Washington creatures were ready to spend another $3 trillion the lights came on. We don’t need the extension of weekly central government supplements to unemployment benefits. We need to go back to work. The economic data came forth showing Americans are getting back to work in record numbers.