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Everything is Big in Texas, Even the Grid Failures

If you’d like a decent look at the real problems with the electric grid in Texas, this is a good investment of your time. It provides some common-sense explanation of the math problem tied to the policy failures and how a Republican Governor who is a big advocate of fossil fuels is responsible.

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Joe “Job Killer” Biden Rides Again!

On Day One, president asterisk took a tire iron to New Mexico’s economy and that of some Utah Indians as well. They’re not happy. But the damage is a lot worse than that. His promised changes could easily cost Americans 6 million jobs, and he’s just getting started.

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Northeast ‘Energy Policy’ – How About Freezing to Death My Pretties….

The ‘Grok been sharing the declining fortunes of the New England Energy grid (As well as energy in general) for years. As the left has swept up political power, forward-thinking means green “capacity.” This is useless in the bitter cold when we need it most while what we need – natural gas – is blocked …

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A President Biden Will Hold States Hostage

The Government uses the flu to shutter businesses, limit hours, and put people under house arrest. It then crafts massive bailout packages to “help” the people it harms. This relief is loaded with payoffs and bucket list items, and Biden is eyeing future bailouts as a way to advance his climate agenda.