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The Bikini Burqa Bloviators

Democrats think that a bikini hula-hoop contest as part of a political fundraiser is insulting and demeaning to women.  This after a private fundraiser being held for the Stephen campaign announced the addition–which the Stephen campaign refused to support, and which resulted in them refusing any money raised whether the bikinis were there or not.

Score a victory for the hypocrats. 

This is the same political party (the democrats) that has spent the past 40 years politicizing women’s bodies and making sure they could be as indiscriminate about exposing their skin and exploring their sex lives as possible.  This is the same party that defends the rights of minor girls to have sex by ensuring unlimited access to abortions without anyone knowing (if they should make a "mistake") .    It’s the same party that ignores the way certain parts of the Muslim “culture” treats its women.  It is the same party that defends ACORN for being willing to help someone bring teenage girls into the country illegally as sex slaves. 

And had Cigar Factory owner Victor Vitale—the sponsor of the event—suggested a burqa dance instead (each woman with their own approved male family member of course) we can be sure the response from the hypocrites at the NHDP would have been the same. 

It is insulting and demeaning to women, and perhaps culturally insensitive and racist to boot.  Unless of course they were actual Muslim women.  Then what?

And what of the cultural heritage of American women which the left has  Abused for their own political capital defended for decades? Where are these gender warriors defending the right of women to wear bikini’s, and to swing their hips with hula-hoops, and to watch Sex and The City and Cinamax After Dark, and defending pornography as first amendment free speech.  Why are they not now burning their Wonder bras against the closed minded 18th century prudes in the New Hampshire Democrat party?

Because they are all hypocrites.

Republicans need to stop making knee jerk reactions to the bi-polar bloviations of liberals, and instead focus on revealing their hypocrisy on every front.  And that is not to say that the bikini idea was suitable for a political fundraiser.  But instead of turning this into time wasted defending the campaign over something they had no immediate control over, they should be exposing the obvious contradictions of their opponents.

In the case of the Stephen campaign, Lynch is a tree ripe with the fruit of contradiction.  And if the democrats want to continually expose the root of that hypocrisy, the GOP should continually water it, and start selling apples.