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Revenue Prediction

No, I’m not going to guess how New Hampshire will fare on tax revenue. I am going to predict how democrats will respond to the news of a surplus and business tax revenues over estimate.

Smoke Em or Eat Em

I think we need to be more aggressive (in reducing cigarette taxes). We need to implement a plan to reduce them as far as we can, while eliminating any budgetary dependence upon them altogether. This is not a reliable tax so I am asking the state of New Hampshire to kick the cigarette tax habit.

New Hampshire Exceptional, Yet Again.

Stopping the spending and the out of control growth was and is exactly what you need and want from your US congress, but cannot yet achieve with a Democrat Senate and a Democrat President. And you will never get it as long as the left controls any those parts of your Federal government.

Left Wing Hyporcisy Must Die!

Closer to home we could have the New Hampshire Democrat Party Must Die. (I know for a fact they’ll never seriously object to the current game and as such the entire state party must be responsible for failing to do so until they all denounce it–their rules.) Terie Norelli, Sylvia Larsen, John Lynch, and Kathy Sullivan, all gore covered, relentless, brain eating, mindless …actually wait.

The Bikini Burqa Bloviators

Democrats think that a bikini hula-hoop contest as part of a political fundraiser is insulting and demeaning to women.  This after a private fundraiser being held for the Stephen campaign announced the addition–which the Stephen campaign refused to support, and which resulted in them refusing any money raised whether the bikinis were there or not. …

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Lynch Lied – “The Parental Notification Edition”

Prior to being against parental notification all together, John Lynch was happy to lie to his constituents about his stand and there’s proof.  I was recently sent the text of a letter* from Governor John Lynch to a New Hampshire resident who expressed some concerns about his position on Parental Notification prior to the passage …

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Chicago On The Merrimack

The democrat party line on BP is to close ranks and paint Republicans as protecting big oil.  This is necessary to distract America from Obama’s incompetence and the democrat’s cozy relationship with the British energy company.  Both Carol Shea-Porter and Paul Hodes got the memo—they are on board—using tragedy for personal and political profit as …

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Just Borrow Them From Washington DC

The rhetorical skirmishes over the replacement of retiring Supreme Court Justice John Broderick have produced some interesting contrasts. We are told by those wishing for prompt action that failing to appoint judges could have an adverse affect on the peoples rights which I have to admit makes sense, except when you consider that there are four superior court and nine district court vacancies (as reported in the Union Leader) languishing somewhere in the appointment/replacement process.