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Jan Schakowski 2.0

Following on the heels of Skip’s post about Jan Schakowsky, we should ad this additional bit of truth telling.  Schakowsky is one of Carol Seiu-Porters supporters, one of more than a dozen congressman who are also listed as American Socialists.  Together they have donated at least $36,000.00 dollars to Carol Seiu-Porter this year alone. They …

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Carol SEIU-Porter

Fergus Cullen get’s the Hat Tip for spotting this first and posting it over at Red Hampshire, but he didn’t go the extra mile and get a copy of the actual invitation. Here we have a campaign fundrasing breakfast for Carol "Look for the Union Label" SEIU-Porter; remember to make checks payable to Carol SEIU-Porter for …

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The Bikini Burqa Bloviators

Democrats think that a bikini hula-hoop contest as part of a political fundraiser is insulting and demeaning to women.  This after a private fundraiser being held for the Stephen campaign announced the addition–which the Stephen campaign refused to support, and which resulted in them refusing any money raised whether the bikinis were there or not. …

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Sugar Daddy

Paul Hodes has a dirty little secret.  His ‘commitment’ to green energy has strings attached that lead directly to the sugar industry and a significant campaign cash “Thank You.”  Back in 2007 and 2008 Congress waged an epic battle over the Farm Bill.  They didn’t call it the farm bill they called it the Food …

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Carol Stands Up For…?

Carol Shea Porter has been accused of using the oil spill and related disasters as a way to get campaign contributions.    In response her campaign manager, Angela Ruslander, said this in her defense. “Carol Shea-Porter is standing up to BP and other big corporations who are irresponsibly hurting our environment and our economy.”    Wait it gets better.  …

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Show Me The Money

The New Hampshire Democrat party is excited about all the female candidates they are fielding. Ray Buckley would like you to think that this is some kind of equal opportunity thing, or that he thinks his party gets an electoral advantage of some kind but it’s really all about money.