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About Freedom…

Freedom is often talked about, praised, and glorified. We fight wars for freedom, sing songs about freedom, even our New Hampshire state motto pays homage to freedom, “Live free or die.” However, as I go about my duties as a Legislator and State Representative, I have serious concerns.

Conformity or morality

Conformity or Morality … How Should We Think

Conflict with the Middle East has generated literature about the “clash of civilizations.” Ostensibly this would be between liberal western civilization and Islam in particular. The war on terror, plus mass emigration from the Middle East to Europe is adding urgency to the concern.

Sleeping Feet

Blogline of the Day – Hey, Republicans for Biden, this is what you voted for.

In 2020, America elected a president who slithered his way up the greasy pole and a vice president who slept her way up. So, what say you, Tom Rath, Steve Duprey, and Gordon Humphrey? This is the “Moral” duo you want the rest of us to believe are “Presidential”? Joe Biden broke up his wife’s former …

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The problem isn’t Gun control, it is SELF-control

Again, the chasm between the Left and the Right on this issue is enormous. It can’t and won’t be solved until the root problem is finally admitted to, recognized, and acknowledged. But, I fear, it won’t because it really isn’t about Gun control as the Left is yammering.