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Gordon MacDonald

I Think This Constitutes a Significant Voter Fraud Effort

Voter fraud exists and not always just detected at the polls. Often, it is what is done before a ballot gets inserted into the box that is fraud. Ballot harvesting, letting non-citizens vote, voter rolls unkept, dead people voting, universal ballot mailing to “dead” addresses.

The Real Lesson of Roe v. Wade

When you make a federal case out of a state concern, you create a winner-take-all situation. If you think you’re going to win, that’s good, because you’ll win everywhere at once. But if the tide ever turns, it’s bad, because you lose everywhere at once.

Voters don't need to know

Biden and Harris Treatment of Catholics

Joe Biden continually betrays Catholics and his claim to the faith.  Joe Biden would force American Catholics to pay for abortions. He is sacrificing his Catholic values to kneel before the leftist mob. Let’s say it the way it is. Biden is a Catholic in name only.

coat-hanger abortion

Roe, Roe, Roe Your Vote, Up to SCOTUS, SCREAM!!!

Democrats are idiots, and not shy about it. Look at them, ranting about how the Supreme Court will overturn Roe and whatever follows matters not one bit. Why? Because it is ignorant, stupid garbage. This happens every time a Republican nominates someone to the High Court as does having to talk about this.