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Drug-Addicted Mothers Deserve Better than Abortion

Thursday, First Lady Melania Trump visited the unit at Concord Hospital for babies born suffering from drug withdrawal. The program keeps the mothers and newborns together and they provide alternate therapies for the babies as well as medical treatment. They also provide care for the mothers’ substance abuse.

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Taxpayer Funding of Abortion

Joe Biden and the Democrat Party platform support abortion. They support late-term abortion. They support taxpayer funding of abortion. Did you hear anything about that at the Democratic National Convention? Nope. Why is that?

UNH Students for Life Comes Through

Cornerstone Action sent out an appeal for people to testify against HB 685. It was amended to change a bill covering ambulance services to one that required all health insurance policies that provide maternity benefits to also provide coverage for abortion.

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Where’s the Veto Pen? Abortion Insurance Mandate Going to Governor

Excerpted from Leaven for the Loaf: The New Hampshire House voted today to concur with the Senate’s abortion insurance mandate. Following an administrative procedure known as enrollment, HB 685 will go to Governor Chris Sununu. He has not indicated whether he will sign or veto the measure. The Governor’s office can be reached at (603) 271-2121. …

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