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New Hampshire Blocks Taxpayer Funding For Planned Parenthood

Wednesday morning, the NH Executive Council met at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Nashua to vote on awarding family planning contracts. When the councilors arrived for breakfast at 8 am, they were greeted by Jason Hennessey, President of New Hampshire Right to Life, and Mariah, Regional Coordinator for Students for Life, and their supporters.

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Fight Back Against the Pro-Abortion Lobby’s Lies

With the passing of Texas’s new heartbeat law earlier this week that bans abortion after six weeks, the radical abortion lobby in New Hampshire has seized the opportunity to continue beating the drum of abortion fear-mongering.

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Abortion, Texas, and Secession

The United States Supreme Court refused 5-4 … with John Roberts joining the three “liberals” … to issue an injunction against a Texas law that gives citizens authority to file civil suits against those who carry out abortions after six weeks, with those found guilty forced to pay $10,000 to the plaintiff.