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Bill Would Grant Biological Fathers Veto Power Over Abortion

I’m betting that newly elected NH State Rep Edward “Ned” Gordon(R) (currently the Chair of the Judiciary Committee; who knows if it will become “former” after tomorrow’s Leadership meeting) would be in favor of this given that he threw in with the Democrats in voting against every Pro-Life bill and aborted them all.

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Who Are the Public Masters and Who Are the Public Servants?

There is an ongoing sense that our society has been turned upside down. We, as in We the People, versus the folks that we “hire.” Hire to either represent us or hire as employees to do the tasks that we’ve decided to outsource rather than do ourselves.

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Massachusetts: 16-Year-Olds Can Get Abortions Without Parental Consent

Maskachusetts Governor Lockdown Charlie Parker (Baker), in a meaningless gesture, vetoed the bill. But the left wants what the left wants. The Democrat Majority (forever) legislature easily overrode the veto. It is now lawful for girls as young as 16 to get abortions in the Bay State without parental consent.

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I Think This Constitutes a Significant Voter Fraud Effort

Voter fraud exists and not always just detected at the polls. Often, it is what is done before a ballot gets inserted into the box that is fraud. Ballot harvesting, letting non-citizens vote, voter rolls unkept, dead people voting, universal ballot mailing to “dead” addresses.