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O’keefe and Vertias Challenge Mass Law In Court Today

In December of 2018, Project Veritas won a significant court battle in Massachusetts. Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 272, § 99 (“Section 99”) placed a chilling effect on first amendment rights. Veritas challenged it and won. So, why are they back in court today?

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Preaching the Christian Gospel in Public Labeled Hate Speech

The war on Judeo-Christian faith, like the war on families and marriage, is about knocking down barriers to Marxism. I articulated it well enough here, so I won’t repeat those points. But they apply to this topic. A pastor has been charged with hate speech for preaching near homosexuals.

A Bleg – who is the BEST First Amendment Lawyer in NH?

I don’t care if it is someone on the Left that is a Liberal or on the Right that is a Conservative.  All I care about is that their PASSION makes them the BEST defender of our First Amendment Rights in the State.  The “why” will come later.

Let me see if I have this right

This coin was our first minted coin during colonial times; 1787 to be exact.  Do you see what it says?  MIND YOUR BUSINESS.  The flip side says WE ARE ONE.  I wonder how many people actually believe that these days.

Free Speech Tolerates Hate Speech

Free Speech Tolerates Hate Speech

It has always been the America position that free speech is an opportunity to enlighten ignorance. Do you think the First Amendment should be rewritten? Do you think it is a good idea to crackdown on free speech, as well as the press?


Has the ACLU Jumped It’s Last “Shark?”

The ACLU used to be good for something. By which I mean it made some small effort to actually defend bits of the constitution. Like, free speech.  But has this last vestige of function been excised by the #Wokeasaurus?