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Yeah, President Biden Is Going to Fix America All Right

Woah! I hear the ice cracking under my feet. Most amazing thing, our Daily Sun actually printed an article from Ben Shapiro. This is the same Ben Shapiro the left hates, runs off college campuses, calls every name in the books. Yup, amazing.

The Truth About Trump Getting Corona

Paul Joseph Watson has some new video up in which he takes the Left and the media to the woodshed over their Trump COVID19 Left-Wing Response. It’s called “The Truth About Trump Getting Corona.”

RGB flag covered coffin

Ginsberg Funeral Will Not Be Another Anti-Trump Hate Fest

Whenever someone dies, Democrats line up to crap on President Trump. So and So in that coffin there, well, they were (insert niceties) but that Bastard Trump has gotta go. If they were working up their remarks well, save them for CNN. RBG’s funeral? It’s private.