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Sotomayor proves she is Obama's puppet - Stiglich

Wise Latinas vs Smart Blondes

Disclosure: My daughter was blonde, politically incorrect, and collected blonde jokes. No actual blondes were harmed in any way during the preparation of this article…

Another Trump- Hating Leftist and Another Guillotine…

Twitter is a hot mess but then that’s the appeal. An endless rubberneckers multi-car pile-up of thoughts, ideas, articles, pictures, video, and quite often stupid. I recently started using it again after a few years away and the freak show hasn’t changed.

Dan Mitchell incredulously interviews J-Ho

J-Ho and The Lincoln (Republican Sellout) Project

Sinking to “Fungus Cullen” levels of irrelevance, Jennifer Horn was spotted today around the NH Primary media rooms of the Doubletree hotel, and she was actually being trailed by videographers. Stunned that anybody would find J-Ho’s increasingly un-Republican viewpoint of interest, I noted that she at down for an interview with Dan Mitchell of WKBK …

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Blackmail, treachery, and Quid Pro Quo by the Democrats

I see that my local paper, the Laconia Daily Sun, is still printing those stupid hate Trump cartoons. This time Santa’s bringing down Trump. Well, not likely, as the Grinch Pelosi is holding onto the impeachment papers, trying to blackmail the Senate into conducting a Schiff-like kangaroo court over there.