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Democrat NH Rep. “Fine” with You Losing Your Retirement Savings if it Hurts Trump

Deb Stevens

Democrats are giddy about the expanding potential of the COVID-19 pandemic. The stock market instability it creates has them saying all sorts of interesting things. Like, this Democrat and sitting New Hampshire House Rep. from Nashua.

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Gate City Politics Financial crash Debra Stevens

Debra has a history of saying things on Facebook that others have come to regret. In January, she had to shutter her political Facebook page after she went off on a Red Flag rant that made national news. And now, this.

Whatever it takes. Financial crash? Fine.

For context, her comment is in response to this Facebook status update.

Gate City Politics Financial crash

Once again, Democrats prove me right.

They do not care about people. Any people. Even “their own people.” As long as they can advance their politics your loss or suffering is worth it. In other words, there is no price they can make you pay that is not too high to move their agenda forward. Even declining tax revenues to fund their endlessly expanding bureaucracy to which the response would be higher taxes.

Certainly higher taxes on job creators in New Hampshire. Democrats demanded that in the last budget if the economy slowed down and those tax revenues dipped.

New Hampshire’s Aging Population…

I wonder how well this burn it all to the ground mentality will go over in the Granite State. We’ve got a significant portion of our population that is past, at, or near the retirement age. A market crash could have far-reaching consequences not just for them but for every corner of the state economy.

Nashua Democrat State House Rep Debra Stevens says, ‘whatever it takes.’ She is happy to put her political obsession ahead of the wellbeing of everything and everyone. Pyrrhus would be proud.

All to get rid of a Republican President whose economy has done more to secure and grow the retirement savings of not just folks in or nearing retirement, but everyone. Minorities. Working-class union folks who were once a reliable Democrat constituency have benefitted.

Democrats like Deb Stevens don’t care about any of that?

Market crash. Investments wiped out. That’s evil. I’m sorry but “Decent Americans” are not okay with that. You should be ashamed. All of you.

So, this is where we say, New Hampshire Democrats need to denounce Deb Stevens and anyone else who would wish misery on others for the perception of political advantage.

Don’t hold your breath.

And yes, I have a few more screengrabs of the Facebook thread if you are thinking about deleting it. Happy to share them if the need arises.