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A Biochemist and A NYT Science Editor Walk Into A Democrat Party Coronavirus Narrative…

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Remember back in the old days; I think it was last week, or perhaps a few weeks before, when Democrats snapped about another Trump Travel ban? Racist! Xenophobe! But experts agree it was a critical and necessary step to limit the spread of the virus.

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So, to summarize, Democrats politicized it immediately and said that the travel ban was a terrible idea. According to some experts, it was the best first idea in the face of this viral threat (and it saved lives)

“New York Times science reporter Donald G. McNeil Jr. noted that the Trump administration took “aggressive measures like barring entry to non-Americans who were recently in China and advising Americans not to go to China or South Korea,” and that this strategy worked,…”

That is high praise from a reporter at the Democrat Party paper of record. And as far as we can tell, he still has his job. But the praise is not limited to official DNC stenographers. 

The W.H.O.’s epidemic-modeling teams concluded that travel restrictions had slowed the spread of the virus outside China by two to three weeks. … For the United States, the delay was probably far greater. Air-traffic data shows that flights from China to the United States dropped much more than they did to Europe.

Then there’s this analysis by an actual biochemist with experience related to the release of biological pathogens. He’s not some clever reporter, but he did write a book on the subject. And he has some observations and essential advice about the outbreak and any potential domestic spread within the continental US.

  • First point: Trumpvirus is #FakeNews. Trump is not to blame for the virus. If there is any blame that can be placed, it may be on the Chinese scientists who worked with this virus and failed to follow decontamination protocol.
  • Second point: You don’t need the masks. Only medical professionals or those working directly with sick people require the protective masks, … The masks, N95, require fit-testing and training to be used effectively. Any other kind of mask won’t protect against aerosols and is ultimately nothing more than decoration.
  • Third Point: Protect your respiratory system now. It is clear that the virus targets the respiratory system, and those with medical conditions impacting the lungs are hit hardest.
  • Fourth Point: Tune out the mainstream media. The press wishes to induce economic turmoil to harm Trump’s re-election and to make the coronavirus into his Katrina.

Read the whole thing for the details between the bullet points. They are worth your time, but I’ll synopsize if for you. 

The fatality rate is still very low; recovery rates are high. Those most likely to die have existing medical conditions and are either very old or very young, so,  just like the Flu. And the circumstances in many parts of Asia that result in higher potential mortality rates are more a result of existing environmental or health conditions and are not a feature of the virus itself.

And remember, China stayed in the Paris Climate Accord, the US got out – and America still leads the world in emissions reductions. Proving what? It’s a dig, but the impact of a pathogen in a communist country or its neighbors is not indicative of what could or will happen here with one caveat. Cities run down by Democrats for decades are more like Communist China than most of the US, so those places are more vulnerable.

The short term solution is to pay attention and respond to outbreaks as quickly as possible. The long term solution is to stop letting Democrat Socialists run your government.

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