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Another Trump- Hating Leftist and Another Guillotine…


Twitter is a hot mess but then that’s the appeal. An endless rubberneckers multi-car pile-up of thoughts, ideas, articles, pictures, video, and quite often stupid. I recently started using it again after a few years away and the freak show hasn’t changed.

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Kimberly Morin, who actually has blue checkmark (she’s special and I’m jealous) would have more to tell than I ever could, but I needed a topic and this doof stumbled into my twitter life.

Khalid Guillotine Twitter

“Trump is evil. If you voted for him, you are evil, too. If you voted for Trump, just be an adult, repent, admit you regret is and made a terrible mistake.”

Notice the guillotine? 

Is that a thing on the left? I just wrote about Bre Kidman the other day. She’s running for the US Senate from Maine. Her opponent is part-time Republican Susan Collins. Kidman’s campaign logo is a guillotine.

The logo for the Democrat challenger for the seat currently held by Part-Time Republican Susan Collins is a guillotine. Yes, a guillotine. Simple, stylish, and how can you not like the clean lines? And she seems excited about it. Not the least concerned about the messaging.

Khalid, if you care, felt compelled to rebut Skip’s post about party registration favoring Republicans nationwide.  Mr. Guillotine says it is either a lie or an inaccuracy. He linked to Wikipedia. A credible source (that’s sarcasm). But we were sharing data from Gallup in the context of years of polling by Gallup.

So, it’s a poll. The poll says what it says in the context of the same poll every other time they took it. 

By its very nature, it is limited to its construction and only relevant in its own context. A taking of the temperature that has tilted to the right for the moment.

I feel certain that in the Trump-hating Pro-guillotine community party registration leans dramatically to the left. A place where the economy is not good, energy is not affordable,  happiness seems impossible, and Trump voters are evil.

But thanks for sharing.