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Yeah, President Biden Is Going to Fix America All Right


Woah! I hear the ice cracking under my feet. Most amazing thing, our Daily Sun actually printed an article from Ben Shapiro. This is the same Ben Shapiro the left hates, runs off college campuses, calls every name in the books. Yup, amazing.

I like reading him. He has more common sense, knows history, Constitution, law, and who’s making up stuff because they didn’t attend history class in school. Looking at today’s college students who think socialism is such a great idea.

For those who didn’t read his article, it was about a liberal Trump-hating writer who was having a kind of breakdown because her neighbor, a Trump supporter, plowed her driveway just out of the goodness of his heart. Well, this “liberal was incensed! She hates all Trumpers. Now what does she do? She can’t stop hating; that would be unliberal, intolerable, un-unbearable.

Yup this woman just has to hate, and this is why when the current “Liberal in Chief” says “Americans all have to come together,” America laughs. Liberals have no intention of not hating, and we conservatives are not going to forget it.

The same “Liberal in Chief” is going to fix all the damage President Trump did. You know, like a booming economy, lowest unemployment in 20 years, and lowest in black communities in history. Right! And how he lowered our taxes and raised the rich’s.

Don’t forget those middle east peace treaty agreements (forget about those now) and making North Korea mind their manners. Let’s not forget energy independence. Yup, LIC is fixing that; see gas prices going up, up, up. So it proved LIC is a real fixer all right. Boy, is he gonna fix America.