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Ginsberg Funeral Will Not Be Another Anti-Trump Hate Fest

RGB flag covered coffin

Whenever someone dies, Democrats line up to crap on President Trump. So and So in that coffin there, well, they were (insert niceties) but that Bastard Trump has gotta go. If they were working up their remarks well, save them for CNN. RBG’s funeral? It’s private.

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Good for her.

She may have been a progressive biddy and mean on wheels, and smart except for all that liberal crap, but she wasn’t stupid. She had the sense, or her family did, to make sure there was no queue of ax-grinders using her corpse for left-wing grandstanding.

If we want another 20 minutes of Obama talking about himself, rumor has it the Queen of England has an iPod full of his speeches. However, we may have to dredge the Thames to find it.

As for the greater glory of all things Ginsberg, the media’s got that covered.

Maybe the Marxist pope will suggest Beatification. Saint Ruth of Ginsberg. She was certain abortion was to keep the black population down until someone said shhh, that’s the quiet part. We don’t say that out loud. And she stopped. Make her the patron Saint of the shadowy penumbras of unborn children.

But I digress.

There will be no rhetorical attack on the President over her remains. Instead, they are attacking him for trying to replace her. Sure, it’s his constitutional duty. And he has no obligation to wait. And no, not a single Democrat president would waste the opportunity if they had a majority Senate to move it forward.

And yes, we will very likely have a repeat of 2000 when the court has to step in and stop the “counting” so electors can gather to announce a winner.

And we may need an odd number of justices.

I doubt any of those remaining are likely to die between now and November, but it’s an easy money bet that the Left’s War machine is already going to work on Chief Justice Roberts.

Such is the nature of a political establishment that must control everything. And a Left that has to oppose everything Trump does ‘cuz Trump.

Hey, maybe he should nominate Judge Merrick Garland? It won’t happen, but what the hell would they do then? We will never find out, but I’m having a lot of fun picturing it.

Image: AP