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The Truth About Trump Getting Corona

Paul Joseph Watson has some new video up in which he takes the Left and the media to the woodshed over their Trump COVID19 Left-Wing Response. It’s called “The Truth About Trump Getting Corona.”

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“Within minutes of Trump announcing he had COVID, Twitter was awash with verified Leftist Journalists and celebrities gloating and pining for his death.

So let me get this straight, the same people who have been browbeating us for the past six months about how Trump wasn’t taking COVID seriously; that it was grossly offensive to the victims to even suggest that the threat was being exaggerated for political reasons; the same people who sanctimoniously claimed the moral high ground at every turn; those people.

What was their first reaction to Trump getting COVID?

“Ha-Ha, I hope he dies!”


And it just keeps getting better.

Here’s the source link at Bit Chute.