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The Co-Founder of the Moonlight Meadery in Londonderry, Doesn’t Want Your Business

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Berniece Van Der Berg is the co-founder of the Moonlight Meadery in Londonderry, New Hampshire, and if you are reading this, the odds are very good she doesn’t want your money.

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She especially does not want it if you are or “support a racist Republican party or worse Trump your money is no good to me.”

We appreciate the honesty Berneice. We do!

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Can you feel the Bern!?

Probably not. Based on this statement, Berniece supports the systemic failure of Democrat-run urban plantations, with many decades of Democrat politicians who, despite huge-big-city budgets, did nothing about the systemic racism they just discovered a few weeks ago and now blame on President Trump (elected politician for three years).

Those failures can’t possibly be their fault. They only had complete political and fiscal control of these places for decades. They ran these police departments and had a direct influence on their leadership. They were even in charge of these places when we elected the first Black President. The guy who did nothing to help “his people,” unlike Mr. Trump, who shepherded an economy in two-years that created record low minority and youth unemployment.

The Economy Democrats like Berneice were giddy to destroy. But Republicans are the bad people.

As for Ms. Van Der Berg’s concern for lives, how many minorities have died, including women, mothers, children, families, as a result of being disarmed by Democrats, and unable to defend themselves? It’s a lot more than the number of people who died from the flu this year – a number that would be a hell of a lot smaller except for New York City (Democrat Mayor/Democrat Governor).

And while every death is a tragedy, most of the Flu deaths (outside of New York City – Democrat Mayor/Democrat Governor) were elderly folks with comorbidities. We won’t talk about how many elderly people incompetent Cuomo and de Blasio killed.

These climbing numbers of inner-city deaths include healthy young people or children who are dying in more significant numbers from violence thanks to the policies of the party of Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Berniece Van Der Berg. American citizens left both disarmed by force of law and without police protection by Progressive Mob Rule politics.

Dead children lost under the leadership of Democrats. Kids who can’t get a decent education before they get gunned down despite a half-century of Democrat-Party Big Budget Union Education politics. That’s on your party, not mine.

Having said all that, I am still proud of Berneice for taking a stand for what she believes. For being open and public about her disdain for a significant portion of her potential customer base. I assume she has no issue with us sharing these views to ensure that the broadest possible audience of Republicans and Trump supporters in New Hampshire – and it the widest audience – know that she has no use for their money.

And just so we’re clear, you don’t want money from Black, Latino, Female, or LGBT Americans if they are Republicans or vote for Trump. Is that correct?

How about cops and firefighters and other first responders? No business from them either if they are Republican?

I’m just checking because I wholly defend and support your right to accept or reject business from anyone for any reason because I am a Free Market advocate who embraces creative destruction.

I’m just not convinced that you are.