WashPo's Andrew Feinberg Needs to Take Something for His Trump Derangement Syndrome - Granite Grok

WashPo’s Andrew Feinberg Needs to Take Something for His Trump Derangement Syndrome

Trump Derangement Syndrome - Stimmlich

I’ve lost track of how many times the media has “owned” itself in their partisan obsession with trying to destroy President Trump. The easiest catalog to reference would be nearly everything they’ve said and done for three years. And they keep adding to it.

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So-called Journalist Andrew Feinberg works in DC. He’s a White House press correspondent for the Washington Post. Where Ignorance is Shared Wildly in the Constitutional Republic. Most notably his.

While there is a Dr. Andrew Feinberg (Johns Hopkins) the “Journalism Major” Andrew Feinberg (note I did not say journalist) is not the same guy. Our Andrew Feinberg, who is not being accused by the media of practicing Medicine, took no less than three minutes after the President’s Tweet to respond. He’s been taking a beating ever since.

Ignorant Snake Oil

You can peruse all the bits captured here by Twitchy but the obvious points are that drugs can do more than one good thing. Combining them with other drugs may create a third good thing. But most importantly, it is not the Coronavirus itself that is killing people.

Coronavirus can be treated but it frequently facilitates a second condition. Bacterial Pneumonia is a side effect of the Coronavirus. And guess what you need to deal with that? Antibiotics!


As with other pharmacological remedies, or the number of scoops of ice cream the president prefers in a sitting, the media’s chronic case of Trump Derangement Syndrome makes them incapable of any thought other than how they can smear this man.

Azithromycin has been used to great success in other countries already just like Chloroquine. The President was sharing what looks like very good news for people who have it or are afraid they’ll get it. A fear for which the Media and Feinberg are almost wholly responsible.

A problem real leaders must consider and address with a thoughtful response.

And it took Feinberg a whole three minutes to spew the actual ignorant snake oil and drivel. How much of that time was spent writing the tweet? Did he have to look up the spelling of colloidal? In other words, his ignorant TDS reaction was immediate, void of thought with no desire to check any facts before he published his response.

Isn’t this what they accuse Trump of doing on Twitter, every day?

If that doesn’t summarize the real problem with the American media, I’m not sure what does.

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Mike Rogers Contributed to this report.