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Condemning violence doesn’t address the other threat to our republic.

The response to the recent rioting at the U.S. Capitol was immediate, unequivocal, and bipartisan.  Democrats were all too eager to condemn the participants as insurrectionists, to blame Donald Trump, and condemn him, too, as an unhinged provocateur.  It must have given them some measure of satisfaction after the criticism they faced for ignoring and …

Condemning violence doesn’t address the other threat to our republic. Read More »

Throw the Bum Out

Democrats Had a Reason to Storm the Capitol Building

From the throngs of Trump supporters who made the trip to DC to the Republicans in House and Senate to the President himself, the completion of the congressional challenges to electors was the last stand. That testimony and evidence was everything to their case. Only Democrats could benefit from its disruption.

trump thumbs up

Rasmussen: Trump’s Approval Rises After Capitol Hill Calamity

The Media’s new irresponsible riot narrative is having difficulty sticking outside the ruling class dojos in DC. That might be because the summer of riots was nothing like that. As minority businesses burned and cities lost control, Democrats who were egging them on got, not condemnation, but air-time to do more of the same.

Defund the Police

Mob Rule Moves to the Suburbs

The reporting from Portland now says the months-long civil unrest is spreading. The rioters are spilling into residential neighborhoods, targeting people inside their own homes.