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Socialism Is Cancel-Culture at the Point of a Government Gun in a World You Allowed to be Disarmed

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A few years ago, the University of New Hampshire (UNH) had a riot. Some uptight social justice warriors were triggered by students culturally appropriating Mexican attire.

Mayhem ensured (with or without the good hands at Allstate) due to inculcated “children” acting like jilted five-year-olds.

Some kids wore ponchos and sombreros in honor of a holiday to celebrate the Mexican Army’s victor over the French at the Battle of Puebla, and melting snowflakes decided a reenactment was in order. Not that they likely had a clue why there was a celebration on May 5th or what drinking Corona’s (more cultural appropriation) had to do with that.

A problem, but not the problem.

The academy, the white tower elites (has been and continues to) mold meatheads out of once useful young minds, and they are taking over the nation.

We’ve been watching it happen in real-time and not without copious warming. The Left keeps coming. Every aspect of life another beachhead. Take it, hold it, make it political, then tear it apart from the inside.

Most American’s want to be left alone, which progressives can’t do. But they have used that to infiltrate the ranks of tour previously quiet lifestyles.

Nothing is beyond their politics now, and the results are dividing America as planned. Infiltrate, separate, fill the voids with the government interference until only the government can do something, even when that something is the worst thing.

It’s gotten so bad that even Castro-Loving actor Sean Penn is beginning to have a problem, probably because they landed on his beach and tried to take something from him.


[I]n this pendulum-swinging society that we’re in, you wonder at some point if only Danish princes can play Hamlet. It is, I believe, too restrictive. People are looking for ‘gotcha’ moments and to criticize,” Penn said.


Too restrictive, and you’re about a decade too late, Mr. Penn, and the irony is rich.

Penn talks about how today he could never play Gay Activist Harvey Milk. A role that netted the film a slew of rewards and an Oscar for Sean. Sean Penn, the Che-Shirt-wearing star-struck leftist who went to Cuba to interview Fidel Castro (a military anti-gay dictator who murdered homosexuals).

Sean Penn said he’d rather live in Socialist Venezuela (lead by another murderous tyrant) than an America with a President named Donald Trump.

That Sean Penn is concerned about the identity politics culture in Hollywood.


“Today, almost certainly, I would not be permitted to be cast in that role [of Harvey Milk],” Penn said. “We’re living in a time where if you’re playing a gay lead character, you would have to be a gay man. And there have been these casting issues. In terms of finding the balance — you have a period of evolution that certainly has an opportunity for people who have had less opportunities to move forward, that has to be supported.”


We can see that Mr. Penn is still confused. He thinks that this movement has something to do with equity, fairness, balance—quite the opposite. The point of the exercise is not to make the table level. It is to tip it over until no one has a place to sit but where the people in power say.

It is not about the culture creating opportunities for people who “had less.” It is to solidify a government that defines opportunities and decides to whom they shall be granted.

And to whom, they shall not.

You could ask Fidel Castro about that, but he’s dead. So is Hugo Chavez, but Raul Castro or Nicolás Maduro could explain it if only you had ears to hear.

This movement has never been about a world where only Danish Princes can play Hamlet. It is another sort of tragedy where only government officials get to decide what and who does anything.

Socialism is cancel-culture at the point of a government gun in a world you allowed to be disarmed.

And while we appreciate the breaking of this dawn, (“Penn went so far as to call it “ludicrous” and “Soviet”-like.”) not being able to play anyone but white males are the least of our problems. But if you are serious about becoming one of the #LibertyWoke, we’ll welcome you with open arms.

These beaches won’t defend themselves.