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Democrats Had a Reason to Storm the Capitol Building

Throw the Bum Out

From the throngs of Trump supporters who made the trip to DC to the Republicans in House and Senate to the President himself, the completion of the congressional challenges to electors was the last stand. That testimony and evidence was everything to their case. Only Democrats could benefit from its disruption.

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No one on the right who supports Donald Trump would approach Capitol Hill with anything more than reverence and respect for that fragile process. Even if there was a sliver of hope left that their guy would win the day.

Democrats, on the other hand, had plenty of reason to disrupt the proceedings, end the challenges, and hide the evidence.

The result was a display that has played heavily in their favor.

  • They can abandon ta unity narrative they would never have been able to keep (and have).
  • Open calls for censorship are being echoed in every media outlet and State and local Democrat party.
  • Anyone who ever said a kind word about Mr. Trump has or will be labeled an extremist plotting to overthrow the local, state, or federal government.
  • The Biden Adminstarion can not only bury all the investigations into illegal spying or corruption (international money laundering, etc.), they can claim justification for more spying.
  • Democrats will hound Trump, his family, and those who worked with him or for him with endless accusations, indictments, process crimes, and other lawfare.
  • They will use it to cram through unpopular anti-gun legislation alongside a laundry list of police-state like prescriptions.

That’s the shortlist.

That one event sets the table for everything the left wants out of uninterrupted federal power while doing nothing any of the actual supporters who showed up would support.

Democrats had everything to win by infiltrating the event and turning it into a media orgy of a sh*tshow

Republicans gained nothing.

But here we are.