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Golden Opportunity

Democrats Go for the Gold

America’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has been unprecedented.  The complete shutdown of our national economy is truly historic.  Not since World War II have Americans experienced such widespread anxiety, unrest, and economic hardship.

Refusing To Fund Small Business Rescue Loans.

Refusing To Fund Small Business Rescue Loans

It has been a week since the Senate attempted to add funding to the PPP. Speaker Pelosi and her Democrat acolytes are refusing to fund loans to save small businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic. She refuses to acknowledge the government took away the right of these businesses to operate. 

Reform the Postal Service.

Progressive Taxes By Nancy

Speaker Pelosi says she would like to see another coronavirus stimulus bill. Drum roll please… she wants to include provisions handing millions of dollars to the super-wealthy. Are you enthused yet?

The COVID-19 Shutdown Is Costing Americans

Following the President’s Lead the House Acts

The House of Representatives finally brought to the floor for a vote a coronavirus aid package.  Its passage received a vote early on today, Saturday after the President’s emergency declaration. The package includes funding for testing and paid sick leave.