ReOpenNH Concord Rally MicroInterview with a family of Small Business Owners - Granite Grok

ReOpenNH Concord Rally MicroInterview with a family of Small Business Owners

ReopenNH - I want my job back

At the Reopen NH Rally in Concord I spoke with some small business owners who, having been deemed to be “non-essential” by Governor Sununu, are not only losing money but are on that cusp of losing it all.

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These three entrepreneurs from the same family have been determined to be relegated to the “Loser bin” by Government; you wonder why they are upset?

They provide services and products to us – they provide jobs to their employees so that those families don’t HAVE to be on the welfare rolls. THIS family wants to return to BEING those job-creators before they get crushed themselves.

Sidenote: It used to be that Democrats were the ones that took great satisfaction the Government was successful when Government was “helping” people with welfare, SNAP, TANF, Section 8, Medicaid, et al. It was the Republicans that snorted and said that the best welfare system was a job and that it should be Government’s effort to get the economy such that people were working and not dependent on Government.

I “get it” that Government created this disaster and that payments are “remedies” for the harm it has bestowed upon us all but sheesh – what a turn around when I keep seeing Gov. Sununu touting how many people are being “helped” now that his orders put folks into this situation in the first place. But again “Public Health Trumps All“. Anyone else getting tired of him mouthing that at every Presser he does?  Platitude, platitude, platitude…

And yes, next time I will remember to NOT forget my monopod so as to keep from jiggling the cameras so much…