Senate Dems Say Pelosi's House Gun Grab Bill is Dead on Arrival (But Not Gun Grabbing) - Granite Grok

Senate Dems Say Pelosi’s House Gun Grab Bill is Dead on Arrival (But Not Gun Grabbing)

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Pelosi’s dreaded HR8 has loomed large over the 2A community. It would require background checks for every “legal” transfer of a firearm.

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It’s so bad that if you went to take a class, both you and the instructor would need to go to an authorized firearms dealer to complete background checks before the instructor could give you your training weapon. And again, for them to give it back.

Reality tells us that it would just make millions of law-abiding citizens into felons, and for that and other reasons, Senate Democrats are saying no.


Facing pressure from gun-control activists and Democratic elected officials alike, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) told colleagues on Thursday he would bring background check legislation to the floor shortly after the Senate returns for business on April 12.  But with Sens. Joe Manchin (D., W.Va.), Jon Tester (D., Mont.), and Susan Collins (R., Maine) publicly stating their opposition to House-passed background check bill H.R. 8, Democrats must find a viable replacement.


Viable replacement.

The Left has a habit of overreaching into the land of insanity and then pretending some half-measure of that insanity is an acceptable compromise. That’s all this is, and I’d be surprised if it were ever anything else. That leaves us wondering what they think a reasonable middle looks like to a Democrat-majority Senate.



In 2013, Toomey not only cosponsored the amendment to extend background checks to private sales but also played a leading role in selling the policy to voters and fellow senators. He was able to convince four Republican colleagues to vote for the proposal despite strong opposition from the National Rifle Association and other gun-rights groups.


I expect this and a bit more. This Congress with this President isn’t going to settle for that.  Watch for something ugly inside, and don’t be surprised if it passes like sh!t through a goose.

That means keeping pressure on governors and state legislature to push back with nullification legislation and AG’s who will put the constitution and their state’s residents ahead of a partisan storm of infringements pouring out of DC.