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Christmas Iwo Jima

Who Wants COVID Lockdowns for Christmas?

Ignoring Sweden’s success, nations across Europe are embracing (once again) extreme social distancing, also known as lockdowns. It has to do with a virus that originated in China. COVID- something. Becasue the only thing less effective than masks –  is – canceling your entire economy.

Deadliness of the lockdowns

Deadliness of the Lockdowns … We Don’t Need No …

The deadliness of the lockdowns is something most of us just do not understand. Widespread lockdowns have seen implementation in response to COVID. They are as without unprecedent as they are unnecessary. Lockdowns have never been of use in disease control. These lockdowns were not part of the original plan. The initial rationale for lockdowns …

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Judge Orders Church to Shutdown

Judge Orders Church to Shutdown

A judge orders a church to shutdown. This seems pretty unconstitutional.  Why is there no injunction to shutdown demonstrations in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, etc? Nobody is saying anything about the riots, protests, and marches.


Notable Quote – Bjorn Lomberg

For decades, climate activists have exhorted people in the wealthy West to change their personal behavior to cut carbon emissions. We have been told to drive less, to stop flying and, in general, to reduce consumption—all in the name of saving the planet from ever higher temperatures.

The Flu Versus Freedom.

Democrat Rule – Rights for “Me” Few or None for “Thee”

Liberal Privilege has many faces, but they all look the same. They are right, and you are wrong. Their science beats your science. Their observations are ‘News,’ and yours are conspiracy theories or lies. Truth is Hate Speech. And when it comes to COVID, everyone gives up their rights except their protesters.