Thank You Riots - You Just Activated Tens of Millions of Americans to Reject Local Political Lockdowns - Granite Grok

Thank You Riots – You Just Activated Tens of Millions of Americans to Reject Local Political Lockdowns

Unlock the handcuffs

The sleeping beast is not what you think. It’s middle of the road voting Americans. Those so-called moderates who, regardless of race, voluntarily follow the rules, even when they feel there’s something fishy. But law-abiding citizens got a taste of the left’s hypocrisy sandwich with the protests and riots, and I’m betting they are not amused.

ICYMI:  Trump Approval Rating with Black Americans is Now Over 40%

These are the people who want to that believe the folks they think they elected to represent them have their best interests at heart. But after this past week of protests and riots, they learned the hard way. Democrats, in particular, have only one interest in mind—their political interests.

This realization puts a whole new light on the few weeks of lockdown that turned into months. They are taking the alternative media narrative – that they were political prisoners – a bit more seriously. And the media, already suffering from years of partisan lies and epic tangents that lead to nothing, could find itself with lower approval ratings than they already had.

Before downplaying the violence from days of lawless anarchy terrorizing a dystopian nation because the message fit their own progressive agenda, legacy media painted the anti-lockdown protestors as heartless grandma killing rubes. These Americans, the media said, were recklessselfishdangeroussuicidalracist because they could spread the virus to black people, and didn’t deserve medical attention. One would be hard pressed to find that kind of reporting on even larger protests today, because it doesn’t exist.

If you were a political prisoner and some of you still are, my suggestion is to break yourself out and ignore your parole officers (some of whom may be your neighbors).

If it’s acceptable to take to the streets to protest, churn and burn, you can probably do anything you want you just have to do it, preferable as a crowd of organized “shoppers” or “diners.” If anyone asks, say you are protesting oppression. Yours.