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Capitol Police Storm Troopers

Big SIEG For The COVIDians … Austria Locks Down the Unvaccinated

So … in order to prevent Austrians from becoming infected with COVID, the Austrian government is locking down Austrians who have not taken a vaccine that does NOT protect you from being infected with COVID or transmitting COVID to others: Still think this has or ever had anything to do with “public health”? “The Party …

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Social Security logo

Data Point – Socialist Social Security is a Bad Investment

The Bernie-Bros are going to have a meltdown. Social security is Socialist (just like the Veterans Administration’s healthcare system). Total government control and we have no choice of participating or not. But, we are told it is better than sliced bread.


Governor Sununu Is Deliberately Misleading the Public

I’m reaching out to counter what I see as deliberately misleading comments made by Governor Sununu to paint the demonstrators at his residence as something that they are not. As one of the organizers of “Absolute Defiance,” the group leading the peaceful demonstrations at Governor Sununu’s house, I feel obligated to ensure that the truth …

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Progressive Totalitarianism

Facebook Doodlings: “Which Step Do You Think We Are On?”

Not one of my “doodlings” this time, but I can tell you that the FB post with the following graphic certainly showed a lot of, well, the nuttiness, ranting, and partisan snipping that goes on in a closed FB group that has “Politics” as part of its name.

Socialists take a dim View of Non-Compliance

Socialists Take a Dim View of Non-Compliance … a Problem?

Socialists take a dim view of non-compliance with their dictates. Have you ever read George Bernard Shaw? He was a eugenics supporter. He joined the socialist Fabian Society in 1884. Fabian Essays, edited by Shaw, discussed the importance of economics and class structure.