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Burt Janz

Burt Janz has lived in Nashua since receiving his Honorable Discharge from the US Navy.

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Nashua Public Servants… are our Masters?

Elections in Nashua are held every year. In “even” years, candidates for federal office are on the ballot. In “odd” years, candidates for local and state offices are on the ballot. But because local elections don’t generate the excitement and (sometimes) national coverage of elections for federal offices, Nashua residents rarely show up at the …

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Nashua Isn’t Nashua Anymore

I moved into Nashua in 1982 the week after I was honorably discharged from the US Navy. It was still a relatively small “city” just north of the Massachusetts border. Main Street had a movie theater, there were practice soccer fields on Amherst Street, and the only mall was just off Exit 6.

Ending UnConstitutional Actions

I write in response to another article on the Grok that discussed the past and present failures of McConnell, McCarthy, and the rest of the GOPe’s failure to do anything about Benghazi, “Big Tech,” or (most likely) Afghanistan.

Biden Has Become Nixon

I never want to hear another word from any Democrat, liberal, or progressive about how evil Nixon was. Biden allowed (supported?) corruption of the political process when he was vice president. As president, he has done his utmost best to reverse economic and foreign policies that made the US safer and more prosperous.

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It is Time for Social Media Regulation?

Way back in 2017 (it seems almost ancient history now) I wrote this “editorial” for another blog.  I don’t claim to be prescient, but it was obvious even back then that “social media platforms” were out of control.

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Masks vs Rights: The Constitution SHOULD Win, But…

I should never get into political discussions with co-workers, but…We started by discussing the communicability of the COVID-19 virus and whether masks were effective (he believes everyone should wear one – I believe that only those who are sick should wear a mask at all).