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Jan Schmidt – There is No Fine, and Nobody Will get Fined if they Just Wear the Blasted Mask

Jan Schmidt’s Social Media mumblings are the gift that keeps on giving. For example, Nashua instituted an ordinance as an emergency order (text and links here). It requires anyone going into buildings (offices, etc.) in the City to wear a mask over their nose and mouth. Jan says there is no fine, but then she says there is.

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Granite Grok, the Union Leader, and NH Journal have all reported on the potential for a fine. The sum is up to

Wear a mask even if you don't need one uncropped

1000.00 dollars.

As this news spread and resistance grew, Jan jumped in to correct people, and herself as it turns out.

“THERE IS NO FINE ATTACHED TO THE ORDINANCE,” she announces all in CAPs for emphasis, which is not entirely correct. There is no fine specified in the text of the ordinance, but by approving it, enforcement includes a fine at the discretion of the court.

Although the newly-adopted city ordinance does not state a specific fine, the city’s attorney said that in general a violation of a city ordinance carries a maximum fine of up to $1,000 unless stated otherwise.

A City Alderman should know that, but not long after Jan says there is no fine, she says there is a fine, but she blames the state, not the City of Nashua or herself.

Jan Schmidt - there is no fine cropped

Tom Lopez is another Nashua Alderman who serves with Jan. Lucky him. He said there is a fine, so City of Nashua Alderman Jan Schmidt, who said there is no fine, blames state law, which is not what the City Attorney said. 

Totalitarian Jan Schmidt then announces that she does not want to see anyone fined, so just do what she tells you to do, and you’ll be fine good. 

Jan Schmidt says you wont get fined if you do what I say


There’s no fine except there is a fine, and we won’t fine you if you just follow the ordinance I voted for and wear a blasted mask.

Jan may be related to Joe Biden. I can’t dismiss the possibility.