A "So What" attitude towards the lockdown? - Granite Grok

A “So What” attitude towards the lockdown?

So What

Published with permission from a very Loyal Reader – Kathleen LaBonte

My conversation at the NH State House with a young mother with her baby, and a slightly older woman.

ME: what do you know or think about Governor Sununu’s shutdown of our economy and businesses.

Older woman: He needs to shut down more businesses!

ME: Gasp! I’m self-employed, and I think what he has done is horrendous.

Both: We’re self-employed too.

Young mother: (All chipper and bright, smiling like not a worry in the world.). I haven’t worked for over 4 months now.

Me: Don’t you care that people have lost all they worked for and can’t put food on their table or keep their homes?

Older women: Oh well!

I read this and grimaced. What a misguided sense of economics. What an extremely callous view of other entrepreneurs, their employees, and customers. I really don’t have much more to say (at least now) without descending into words that, in my real early years, would have had me tasting Irish Spring for weeks.

Seriously – no empathy at all.  Do people like this have ANY idea of how life in general would be with little to no economic activity?  There is a meme that most families can’t afford a $400 emergency. I say a meme because it really is intended to mean $400 on hand cash – most have credit or families and friends that could help out. The point is, these two self-assured incompetents have no problem in making those families test this meme for REAL instead of just a “study”.

Just sad.