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Roswell New Mexico Becomes “Sanctuary” For Fetal Life

New Mexico has been in our news a lot lately. In response to liberal legislation, almost every county has declared itself a sanctuary for Gun owners. So, how about a refuge for life? The Roswell New Mexico city council just voted seven to one in support of a resolution to protect fetal life.

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Extremism and the culture of death

By Ovide Lamontagne ALTHOUGH IT HORRIFIES most people, can anyone really be surprised to learn that the abortion agenda of the Left includes unregulated late-term abortions through the ninth month of pregnancy (yes, think late-term abortionist and convicted murderer, Dr. Kermit Gosnell). Using your tax dollars to pay for abortion on demand throughout those nine …

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Honest Talk About Abortion

Current events Democrats want to you to believe they care for children and they stand for protection of American children. For example, they claim they will protect your children from the evils of trans fats, okay. They claim they would protect your children from gay conversion therapy, okay. But somehow, they don’t care if doctors …

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If You Went Back in Time and Convinced Obama’s Mother to Get an Abortion…

If you went back in time and convinced Obama’s mother to get an abortion, would that be a life? If we didn’t know a thing. He never runs for office. We miss the soaring Rhetoric. No “first Black President.” None of it. If abortion was then what it is today, no Obama. Related: NARAL says Restricting Abortion Access …

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