Which Republicans Didn't Vote to Save a Baby Born Alive (After a Botched Abortion)? - Granite Grok

Which Republicans Didn’t Vote to Save a Baby Born Alive (After a Botched Abortion)?

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As I tell everyone, one of our Standards of Measure is the Conservative Planks from the NH GOP Platform, like, “We believe that life is sacred, from conception to natural death and that we cannot diminish the value of one category of human life without diminishing the value of all human life.”


I just can’t fathom why anyone knowing that a baby HAS been born, wouldn’t want the very best that our medical system could do. It doesn’t matter if a doctor was just trying to kill that same baby because of the faux difference between a ‘fetus’ (simply a Latin word meaning “baby in development”) and a ‘baby’ on either side of the birth canal.

Once it is born, it SHOULD be a doctor, perhaps the SAME doctor and other medical staff that are present, to do all they can to keep that baby alive.

Life is not sacred for these dozen Republicans who voted against HB233; requiring that any baby born alive shall not be killed just because it was unwanted.


  • Graham, John (R, Bedford)
  • Pauer, Diane (R, Brookline)
  • Depalma IV, Joseph (R, Littleton)
  • Thompson, Dennis (R, Stewartstown)
  • Wolf, Dan (R, Newbury)
  • Gordon, Edward (R, Bristol)
  • Ober, Russell (R, Hudson)
  • Berezhny, Lex (R, Grafton)
  • Mason, James (R, Franklin)
  • Litchfield, Melissa (R, Brentwood)
  • Yokela, Josh (R, Fremont)
  • Hunt, John (R, Rindge)


Some of them are the usual suspects (like Ned Gordon on this issue). Some may have accidentally voted the wrong way (The vote was to kill the bill, which sometimes creates a momentary confusion).

There were even some Democrats that saw this bill, know the issue, and voted FOR HB233 and doing the right thing by that young baby. They even bucked their own Party’s Platform on this:

We believe in affordable, safe, confidential, respectful access to the full range of reproductive health care, including contraception and abortion care, regardless of geography, income or insurance coverage, and free from government interference.

Those honorable Democrats were:

  • Laflamme, Larry (D, Berlin)
  • Rich, Cecilia (D, Somersworth)
  • Woodcock, Stephen (D, Center Conway)

And yes, 149 Democrats were too cowardly to stand up and put their votes on the record for all to see who and what kind of people they elected.

But for those Republicans above, their constituents ought to start asking some rather pointed questions, preferably while holding pitchforks.