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A Hateful Group Lead By Marxists is Not Going to Make Your Life Better

Black Lies Matter

Black Lies Matter (BLM) is a violent, Marxist organization. BLM advocates for destroying capitalism. It does not advocate for replacing it with something that demonstrably performs better economically.

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BLM advocates for “replacing” fathers and nuclear families. What kind of life results from that? Does your government love you as your parents love you? Just think about it.

Why would anyone want to promote a hateful group like that? If you want to support people, the basic requirement should be that you are going to make things better for them. There is no historical example of supporting a hateful group, led by violent Marxists, ever making things better. These Marxists build nothing. They are violent. Marxists destroy things. They are not worthy of support from anyone.

Are you buying the BLM hype? America’s woke, wealthy elites have. They have decided our country is riven with “systemic racism.” The country, the economic system that helped them build their fortunes needs to be torn down. Isn’t that convenient? I got mine. Now, let’s destroy the bridge behind us so no one else can get theirs. How very woke of you… Just think about it.

Is there value in pursuing the boogeyman of “systemic racism”? I doubt it. This is a country that has struggled for over 150 years leveling the playing field. We did not do so only for blacks. Rather, we have done so for all ethnicities. Jumping on the BLM train of black racism isn’t the way to go about solving the remaining issues. Racism has not solved any issues… ever. Racism is bigotry… it is hatred… it is evil.

We must address injustice and racism

We have to address racism. But, you don’t address racism by saying, ‘we will do it,’ without knowing what “it” is you are intending to do. One of the things that we have to address is American lives matter. Color, gender, creed, or national origins are dividers. We are all American. Americans are all equal, we are all free. We all get equal protection under the law. We have spilled a lot of blood reaffirming the points.

Don’t be cowing down to BLM. Listen, read and learn about them. BLM is not for American Lives Matter. They are a Marxist group. Don’t buy the hype. Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors identified herself and fellow co-founder Alicia Garza as “trained Marxists.” Her words not mine.

Black Lives Matter Global Foundation has a fiscal sponsor called Thousand Currents. It boasts a convicted terrorist on its board of directors. Black Lies Matter (BLM) is a violent, Marxist organization. BLM advocates for destroying capitalism and it inteds to destroy America with it.

BLM is not a group devoted to ending “systemic racism.” It’s a group whose founders are dedicated to Marxism. Its supporters are clearly comfortable engaging in violence. Its target is the basic system of the United States. You believe in the values and principles of the American founding or you believe in Marxism. There are no neutrals. Which side are you on?