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Senator Shaheen Supports Dead Babies Not Live Ones

Senator Shaheen Supports Dead Babies Not Live Ones

Senator Shaheen supports dead babies not live ones, or at least her speech on the Senate floor indicates that. The U.S. Senate will vote on a pro-life bill early next week. The Senate will vote on S.311 Sen. Ben Sasse’s “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Act.” The born-alive bill requires doctors to provide medical care to any infant who survives an attempted abortion procedure.

Unalienable Rights… Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

The question is how can Senator Shaheen not support this billShe doesn’t support the bill. She has already taken to the Senate floor in opposition.  In this case doesn’t her position mean she is endorsing infanticide?  How else can that position be described? When there is an attempted late term abortion and the baby is born alive anyway what is the correct legal term for smothering or chopping up or crushing an infant?

Don’t like infanticide? How about murder? No? Well, manslaughter then? No? How about negligent homicide? No? Maybe, depraved indifference? Senator Shaheen which choice will you make for your constituents’ babies? How will you vote?

The Senator’s reasoned position

In speaking against S 311 Senator Shaheen said, “… It would significantly interfere with the doctor-patient relationship…”  Well actually, no it would not. The mother has already had an abortion before the situation the bill addresses is present. At that point the patient is the live child. The doctor patient relationship is between the infant and the doctor. There is clearly a new life.

In speaking against S 311 Senator Shaheen said, “… it would pose new obstacles to a woman’s constitutionally protected right to make her own decisions about her reproductive health.” Well actually no, no it does not. The mother has her own body, her reproductive health is a separate issue. The well-being of the new born is now separate from the reproductive capacities or desires of the mother?

Separately, parental rights attach at birth. At that point the father too has interests and responsibilities. Even if the mother would prefer to take a croquette mallet to the baby why does a live baby have an expectation of protection, love and support? Hey, just asking. Is I’m poor or I don’t want a child right now really still in the discussion? Really?

More reasoning from the Senator

In speaking against S 311 Senator Shaheen said, “… Regardless of what the intent of the legislation is, the fact is the way it is written, it intimidates doctors with the threat of criminal liability for performing safe and legal abortion…”  Well, actually no that is a lie. The legislation does nothing with respect to abortion. It does not prohibit. It contains not sanctions. In fact it does not even speak to funding. All it speaks to is the requirement to provide appropriate medical treatment to a baby born alive. Senator that’s what you are speaking against… live babies.

In speaking against S 311 Senator Shaheen said, “… It will have a chilling effect on the ability of women to access the services they need in the United States….” No senator that too is a lie. There is nothing in the bill accomplishing that goal. The question here senator is why are you prohibiting doctors from treating newborns? How cold is the woman who feels nothing for a child born alive? The term witches heart springs to mind.

In speaking against S 311 Senator Shaheen said, “… We must always remember that abortions that are performed later in pregnancy are most often done as the result of severe fetal diagnoses and the serious risks that that pregnancy poses to the life of the mother.” No senator you again are wrong. That means factually incorrect in your description. There are few cases if any where the life of the mother is the determinate of need for abortion. Ask Ben Carson.  He’s made his living working in the field. He says your articulation of the situation is full of crap.

Reporting requires accuracy… Advocacy requires persuasion

Yes, opponents refer to S 311 as “anti-abortion” legislation. That position is reflective of pro-infanticide advocacy. It is not how one reports on the issue. It is not an accurate description of the bill’s contents. The born-alive bill does not regulate or limit abortion in any way.

Instead, it requires doctors to give “the same degree” of care to an abortion survivor required for “any other child born alive at the same gestational age…” It is the care an infant would receive if delivered at that stage of pregnancy. What is your objection to doing this? We need to retire her so she has time to think about her unreasoned hateful position. Senator Shaheen supports dead babies not live ones which is as wrong as it gets.