Life is Preferable to the Alternative … Don’t You Agree? - Granite Grok

Life is Preferable to the Alternative … Don’t You Agree?


There probably isn’t much that is more important than life itself. Don’t we all have an innate right to retain our life? Isn’t that a “right” the government does not and should not have the right to end?

Why shouldn’t we eliminate taxpayer funding for elective abortion here and abroad? Why should the government have the right to force you against your religious beliefs to pay for killing other people’s babies? The First Amendment provides for the free exercise of your religion.

Eugenics, ever heard of it? Eugenics is a set of beliefs and practices aiming to improve the genetic quality of a human population. Sound a little creepy yet? Historically advocates attempt to do this by excluding people and groups judged to be inferior.

Either that or they promote those judged to be superior.  This is what Planned Parenthood does, what its founders intended. We should not redirect federal funding of Planned Parenthood to health centers, even those not involved in abortion.

It is important to protect the conscience rights of doctors, nurses, and other medical practitioners. They should not be forced, required, or pressured into abortions or euthanasia.

It is time to resist the push for physician-assisted suicide. This is a practice that once undertaken erodes the value of all life. We only get one life. It is precious. It is not okay to condone killing the old or the infirmed.

Today, roughly one million abortions occur in the U.S. every year. Those are people who are killed without a voice in the decision? Who speaks for the unborn if not you and me? Three in four Americans believe that abortion should be limited to, at most, the first trimester. More than 300 pro-life laws have been passed in states across the country in the past decade. Think about that.

All human beings, from the moment of conception, are persons. As persons with intrinsic worth, they possess the fundamental right to all the natural years of their life.

This is an equal rights question. It is a basic fairness question. If you don’t believe that how else do you explain abortion? Mothers and fathers have no right to kill their children. They have a duty to love, care for, and nourish them. Their decision point is prevention… not convenience… not preference… not because it makes life harder.

Women should have access to the best care possible. Taxpayers should not be forced to subsidize organizations accused of selling body parts of aborted children. We should redirect abortion funding to the more than 13,000 local health centers that provide more comprehensive women’s care.

As a society, we should protect the vulnerable. We have a duty to help the least among us. This is not a government responsibility. It is personal to each of us.

Legalizing physician-assisted suicide is a grave mistake. It endangers the weak and vulnerable. As pernicious is that it corrupts the practice of medicine and the doctor-patient relationship. It compromises family commitments, betrays human dignity and equality before the law. Life is preferable to the alternative. Don’t You Agree?