"If I begin sacrificing my rights in order to save lives, then where does it end?" - Granite Grok

“If I begin sacrificing my rights in order to save lives, then where does it end?”

117,000 jobs destroyed in NH

The title is a quote from Brandon Morse at Red State. He is walking us through an incident where the Police in Raleigh, North Carolina broke up a lockdown protest. The point, of course, being that the first amendment protects that right and it was just infringed.

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Public health and safety. So, “If I begin sacrificing my rights in order to save lives, then where does it end?” And that is the point I made yesterday, and that we make here often. Safety is great but it is often used as an excuse for exercising a totalitarian impulse. Deliberate or no.

And to be clear, we are not disinterested in keeping people alive. We oppose abortion because it saves lives. And Public safety matters, but as Brandon notes

People die every day from a vast array of things, and oftentimes from choices made by others. Should we stop all activity and forgo certain rights in order to make sure that no deaths occur? It’d not only be futile, it’d be a fast road to a dictatorial nation.

I asked another important math question yesterday morning. What about the health risks created by the lockdown and the destruction of the economy, businesses, jobs, and lives? Not as an act of free will by the individuals so-affected but as a by-product of the act of another. Is that not a matter a public safety, or is this collateral damage the price others must pay for the perception of government as the protector of public health?

Not long after that, Jon DiPietro added another important question. We are being imprisoned, after a fashion, based on models that overestimated the human cost of the virus. So, where are your economic models proving that the trade-off is worth it? What about the economic cost of the response which leads, as noted in the previous paragraph, to a different “public” health crisis? 

Are we not entitled to measure for ourselves the value in trading one misery for another? Or should we forego such comparisons because as likely or not, those making them will skew them to justify their creeping tyranny?

We already know the virus models were garbage and the COVID-19 infection and death rates are inflatedThe culmination of which is that the Government is giving cash money to the health care industry if it furthers their lockdown politics by declaring as many virus infections and deaths as possible. A “model” with no incentive to flatten the curve. So, we must remain in lockdown until the stakeholders no longer have a financial incentive to advertise infections and deaths for profit?

Pardon us for the pushback.

We’re not asking anyone to take unnecessary risks. But we are asking for the freedom to take a measure of the risk ourselves and to allow job creators, workers, and families (even towns and counties) to choose how much caution applies to their circumstances.

We are not all in this together. Government is not the one thing to which we all belong. The Government is a necessary evil striving to take the bit and set the course even if it drives us off an economic cliff in the name of public safety.

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