What do COVID-19 And Abortion Have in Common? Both Can Interrupt a Life Not Yet Lived to its Fullest - Granite Grok

What do COVID-19 And Abortion Have in Common? Both Can Interrupt a Life Not Yet Lived to its Fullest

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Democrats are cluttering up my Twitter feed with strawman arguments about saving lives from COVID-19. As if they actually give a damn. They don’t care about lives lost as a result of shutting down the economy. This is therefore not about lives lost if we restart it. Not that they have any credibility on the value of life.

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Our time on earth begins at conception and if no one or no “thing” interrupts it, it continues until natural death. Hopefully at a ripe old age. But without conception, that life never begins.

There is no other beginning.

Abortion, suicide, car accidents, COVID-19, interrupts the development of a life.

Democrats believe that interrupting or ending that life in the womb (abortion) is not just a right, abortion providers fund their campaigns on making sure it happens. And, whenever possible, they use the government to force people who find the practice abhorrent to fund the private corporations that perform them.

These are the people saying we can’t open the economy because “Life!”

News flash, people die anyway. People will die because the government decided their job or business was not essential. People will die because the government decided their medical circumstances were not essential. People will die from being locked down, depressed, from abusing drugs or alcohol, suicide, or maybe they’ll just die.

Their lives will be interrupted as a result of the political response to COVID-19.  And some will have their lives interrupted because Democrats think that, even during this crisis abortion is essential.

If any life is precious then these lives are no less important than any other. Everything else is just theoretical projections which, for the record,  the COVID-lockdown monkeys have failed at since day one. Not even close.

But regardless of the math problems, Democrats have no moral authority on the subject of life or its value of life. It is clear to anyone looking that the only lives that matter are the ones that advance their agenda. A key feature of which has been hoping for its ruin.

For years the Left has been fantasizing about an economic collapse. A downturn. A recession. Even a depression. They believe it will hurt President Trump. And now that we have one, created by the government, they will say or do anything to makes sure the government keeps it down. No matter how many lives it takes.

And that’s the damn truth.